Complete Interior and Exterior Detailing

From $348

Elevate Your Ride with Our Detailing Service

Give your vehicle the luxury treatment with our Complete Interior and Exterior Detailing. Dive into a world where every surface sparkles, and comfort meets elegance. Trust us to transform your car with precision and passion, delivering a clean that impresses at every turn.

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Exterior Detailing 

  • Initial Vehicle Rinse: Gentle pre-wash to loosen surface dirt
  • Removal of Stubborn Stains: Eliminating bug splatter and tar spots
  • Wheel Detailing: Cleaning and shining wheels, tires, and wheel wells
  • Jamb Detailing: High-pressure cleaning and drying of door, boot, and fuel cap jambs
  • Luxurious Foam Wash: Hand washing with snow foam for a deep clean
  • Wax Sealant Application: Spraying protective wax for a lasting shine
  • Trim Enhancement: Making rubber seals and plastic trims look new
  • Glass Polishing: Ensuring windows and mirrors are spotless
  • Tire Dressing: Glossing tires, arches, and mudguards for a finished look

Interior Detailing 

  • Surface Sanitization: Thorough cleaning of all interior surfaces
  • Comprehensive Vacuuming: Seats, beneath seats, carpets, trunk area, floor mats, and storage compartments
  • Intensive Shampoo and Steam Treatment: Deep cleaning of seats, carpets, trunk, and floor mats
  • Leather Care: Cleaning and conditioning of leather seats, if present
  • Dashboard and Console Revival: Cleaning and restoration of the dashboard, center console, and trim areas
  • Detailing of Vents and Accessories: Sanitizing air vents, seat tracks, and sun visors
  • Pedal Polishing: Cleaning and shining of foot pedals
  • Window and Mirror Finishing: Polishing of windows and mirrors for a clear view
  • Freshening Up: Deodorizing the interior for a pleasant scent


Small SUV/Wagon

Large SUV/4WD / 7 Seater