Comprehensive Detailing with Buffing and Polishing

From $348

Discover the pinnacle of car care with our Comprehensive Detailing with Buffing and Polishing service. Our skilled professionals meticulously work to restore your vehicle’s shine, buffing away imperfections and polishing to a high gloss. This top-tier service ensures your car looks its best, reflecting the quality and care we dedicate to every detail. Treat your vehicle to a superior shine and protection that lasts.

Exterior Detailing Includes

  • Initial Vehicle Rinse: Pre-wash to loosen and remove surface debris
  • Stain Removal: Targeted cleaning to remove bug residue and tar
  • Wheel Detailing: Thorough cleaning of wheels, tires, and arches
  • Jamb Washing: Pressure washing and drying of door, boot, and fuel door jambs
  • Foam Wash: Luxurious snow foam wash followed by hand drying
  • Paint Purification: Specialized treatment to cleanse the paint of contaminants
  • Surface Refinement: Buffing and polishing to diminish swirls and enhance shine
  • Trim Shine: Application of gloss to rubber and plastic components
  • Glass Cleaning: Detailed cleaning of windows and mirrors for a streak-free finish
  • Tire and Accessory Gloss: Application of shine to tires, wheel arches, and mud flaps

Interior Detailing Includes

  • Sanitizing All Surfaces: A thorough cleanse of every surface inside the vehicle
  • Vacuuming in Detail: Seats, areas under the seats, carpets, trunk, floor mats, and all compartments
  • Shampooing and Steam Cleaning: An in-depth clean of seats, carpets, trunk, and floor mats with steam to remove dirt and stains
  • Leather Treatment: Cleaning and conditioning of leather seats, tailored to their specific needs
  • Dashboard and Console Care: Detailed cleaning and revitalization of the dashboard, center console, trims, and plastic parts
  • Vent and Accessory Refresh: Cleaning and restoring air vents, seat rails, and sun visors
  • Pedal Polishing: Detailed cleaning of foot pedals
  • Window and Mirror Shine: Making windows and mirrors sparkle, inside and out
  • Interior Scenting: Leaving the interior smelling fresh and clean


Small SUV/Wagon

Large SUV/4WD / 7 Seater